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revamp: the refresh button for your business

If you're social media isn't turning followers into clients and you're marketing and networking efforts aren't landing your dream clients

Spend some one to one time with me and we'll revamp your online presence to attract the exact clients you want to book.


BUT, if you're like most of us, you don't want to waste any more time playing guessing games or making more mistakes.  You want a repeatable plan that you can implement right away to make your business standout.

In four short hours we can Revamp your portfolio, website and social platforms to reflect your own authentic signature style and eye catching brand that attracts your dream clients and positions you as the go to person in your area.

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revamp vip session because

"I felt frustrated that I was missing out on jobs that were perfect for me"

I knew I had the ability to do the bigger jobs other artists were booking, but my portfolio and marketing efforts weren't put together in a way to attract those clients, so I focused my time on cracking the code and learned to position myself as the go-to artist to my potential dream clients. Those very same techniques I teach in our VIP session helped me to land bookings with clients like Allure, Glamour, Michael Kors, Stila Cosmetics, Matthew McConaughey, Glenn Close, Karlie Kloss and more

- Diane Aiello

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"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


let's work together to

skyrocket your brand appeal

Wouldn't you love it if all the time you spent on social media actually added up the high paying clients?
And what if you could have a portfolio that attracts the type of clients you've been dreaming of working with?

You'll finish this VIP session with a clear and personalized solution to create massive change in your business.  In just four hours together you'll have a new branding and marketing strategy that is customized just for you.



Use your social media to attract clients not just followers


Be in demand as the go-to artist or stylist in your market.


Build a strong signature brand that helps you book more gigs at better rates with ease.


Create clear and authentic content without feeling overwhelmed.

this is for you.

“Diane has expanded my knowledge with skills that are essential to succeed”. 

- linda - pro makeup artist

you'll learn;


Better Branding

Define your niche’ and brand so you can create a portfolio and website that shows clients exactly what to expect and entices them to book you!


Clear Marketing

Clear marketing messages and your signature social content to show potential clients why you are the right person for the job... and worth every penny!


Stronger Portfolio/Website

You’ll have my proven formula for creating a strong, concise portfolio and website that eliminates the guessing games whenever you need to add to or update your work or present to clients.

I can help you create an authentic brand that attracts your dream clients


In your Revamp session we'll do a deep dive into the very same framework that I’ve used in my own business and for countless other artists to stand out as the go-to person that get the rates you deserve  whether you're in a big or small market.

how it works

sign up

Once you sign up you’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete. Based upon your answers and goals, I’ll review your website, portfolio and Instagram to create a plan of action tailored to your needs.

schedule it

We’ll schedule a 4 hr virtual Zoom coaching session targeting what’s working and what isn’t in both your portfolio and marketing, then we'll create an action plan to help your business stand out

stand out

You receive notes from our session and a 30 minute follow up call 6 weeks after our session (based upon your progress) to review the changes you’ve implemented and troubleshoot any areas of concern.

With Revamp:

YOU'll get:

+ 4 hours of targeted business coaching

+ a stronger brand, portfolio and website

+ a 30 min follow up & personalized action plan

+ an online presence that attracts better gigs

be the go-to in your market!

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Clarity, strategy and a personalized action plan to transform your brand and make you the go to expert that clients want to book!

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