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If you’re learning from your peers, social media or podcasts but still feel like you’re falling behind or working CEO hours but only earning an interns pay…

If you already have experience but you’re stuck and looking for help and support from someone who has built a successful career doing what you want to do…

I can teach you my exact blueprint that has helped other artists and stylists to make more money and create thriving careers!.

It’s time to make your goals a reality…
It's time to have the thriving career you dream about that brings financial freedom and personal fulfillment

I'm sharing the roadmap I wish I had when I started.  I made a ton of mistakes that cost years of my time and thousands of wasted dollars, but I learned from everyone including personal growth guru's to art directors and clients and by 2001 I was teaching other ambitious and passionate artists my personal system to have a successful career.

Since then my no- fluff proven framework and strategies has helped countless artists and stylists turn their passion into profitable businesses.

You deserve to get off the struggle rollercoaster by transforming all of your potential, your skills and talent into the career you've always wanted.

You're in the right place.

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I can teach you to achieve massive growth and success in your career using the exact same strategies I’ve used to turn my passion and side hustle into a six figure business

Through my monthly membership and signature programs you’ll learn to:

Build a standout brand

Market to your dream clients

Have a strong social media profile

Create a portfolio that gets high level bookings

Make more money

And do it in less time with less struggle. 

- let's make it happen

“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

I'm baby farm-to-table sartorial helvetica, migas marfa paleo chambray normcore 8-bit bushwick roof party truffaut banjo actually. YOLO health goth jean shorts forage farm-to-table flannel. Brooklyn hexagon biodiesel af, man bun literally salvia live-edge fixie cornhole freegan. 

- rachel, photographer



A virtual half day 1 : 1 coaching session to help create a standout brand, targeted marketing and social media that attracts clients

In this session we create clear messaging between your social media platforms, website and portfolio to attract your dream clients.

It includes a portfolio review, website and social media analysis plus a personalized rinse and repeat action plan so you can consistently keep you online presence strong.

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Want to stop guessing about what portfolio or social media content will help get you jobs


This e- course prepares you with all the essentials for a makeup career in editorial, advertising, commercial, or runway work.


You like having a step by step blueprint and working at your own pace - messy bun, pj's optional 

You’ll get in depth videos and workbooks to help you build your brand, market to your dream clients, create a portfolio that gets you noticed, learn set etiquette that keeps you in demand, how to approach social media building with intention and artistry techniques to fast track your success..


the industrie'

Get the support, tools and resources you need in each months Masterclass to build or grow your makeup, hair or fashion styling career.

 Learn everything from marketing, branding, social media, finances, personal growth and more for the cost of a few coffee drinks a month. Every class includes resources like a Pdf workbook or videos and live trainings to help you make more money and get more bookings doing what you love!



Want actionable, ongoing monthly support and lessons to keep your business thriving!

It's true:

“we can transform your career in weeks or months - not years”

- diane aiello

"As a makeup artist the business side of things can get away from you when you're focused on the creative; contracts, invoicing, proper business communications. Diane educates you on the essentials needed to improve your career.  I am a stronger artist because of you Diane"


real results

TERESA'S transformation IN A YEAR

Teresa went from working at the mall to having a full time makeup career in one year”

"When I first started the program with Diane, I was working at the makeup counter. I’ve taken many makeup classes around the nation and none compare to the information I learned from her."  T
Within a year of working together Teresa started working backstage at NYFW and on editorials, commercials and movie work

andrea grew her business & increased bookings

Andrea increased her bookings by improving her client relationships and customer service protocols

" Diane taught me how to be a professional in the industry
I learned more than just makeup skills; I learned that listening to my clients and ensuring that their beauty goals are my number one priority".

- Andrea

linda created better business systems

“Linda expanded her business knowledge and up leveled her artistry skills”

- Linda

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I can't wait to help you level up your career.  Get in touch and we'll connect to help you have massive success

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