A makeup artist, author and educator obsessed with: chocolate, my hunky hubby, fur babes, Audrey Hepburn’s glitter eye makeup in "How to Steal a Million" and helping other artists and stylists bypass overwhelm to build their dream careers

 I've had an amazing 25+ year career working with editorial, fashion, commercial and celebrity clients but I started just like you with big dreams and alot of passion.   I had left my criminal justice studies for beauty school, with no connections or prospects so I jumped into the hustle and grind of  building my portfolio by doing free test shoot collaborations and accepting every unpaid job despite the extra long hours or unhealthy conditions.  

 I didn't know any other way to turn the side hustle into the dream career. It was exhausting and mentally draining.

Now. I know better...  You don't have to be a starving, exhausted or overwhelmed artist. You can have a fulfilling career and make more money without the burnout - you just need the strategy

 If you've learned from you tube, spent time and energy on free collaborations or invested in pro classes and seminars but you're not where you want to be, my courses, monthly membership, 1:1 coaching and book will help elevate your career.  You'll get clear on your bigger picture purpose, earn more money, get more bookings, and reach massive goals.  Each one is packed with proven strategies to turn your side hustle or struggling business into a fulfilling and thriving career that works for you.  It doesn't matter what market you live in or what your follower count... you can earn a full time living doing what you love.  I'm proof!


the strategy

Trade in years of struggling for achieving breakthrough success in just weeks or months once you have the blueprint.  That's what I teach!

dreamer to dreamer

Hey there!

i'm Diane


My Mission:

To help my fellow artists and stylists raise the bar, increase their income and create more life balance with less struggle.

There was no You Tube, Social Media or specialized classes outside of basic beauty school to teach me the ropes. I started at zero, and made lots of mistakes. But,  I learned everything possible from beauty and fashion industry insiders  personal growth and marketing gurus to build a wildly successful makeup/hair career that's still thriving after nearly three decades working with top Supermodels, Celebrities, Fashion and Advertising brands all while living in a smaller market which is why I know I can teach you how to do the same!

My Journey

how it started, how it's going


Over 400 runway shows ,


working with fashion or commercial clients like Allure, Elle. Levi's, Stila Cosmetics & more

7,500+ days on set

 at new york, milan & paris fashion weeks with designers michaelkors, marc jacobs,gucci, hermes among others


Celebrities & Supermodels


15+ years as a fashion & beauty editor for a luxury magazine

some include karlie kloss, glenn close, john legend, josephine shriver & Devin booker

fashion & beauty editor


Owned a luxury beauty boutique & skin care spa & award winning beauty team




 Goals That Matter a guide to define your purpose and achieve your life goals


I'm probably drinking my weight in water, slathering on facial oils, obsessing about finding the perfect nude lipstick or sharing ways to help my fellow artists to thrive without feeling overwhelmed.

i believe

 You can have a dream career and a fulfilled life with financial freedom once you're shown the path to get there.

it's time to live your dream!

let's work together

i want you to have massive success

I teach you the same exact strategies I've used to go from a makeup side hustle  to a six figure income. 
Other students I've helped have gone from the makeup counter, salon or hobbiest to booking New York and LA Style Fashion Weeks, national editorials, commercials and films within months (not years) of working together. 

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love, success & lipgloss


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