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Need a little help.  Here are some of my most popular resources to guide you through maximizing your day, creating your portfolio, or getting a jumpstart on your makeup biz.

Makeup Kit Checklist

Be prepared with the essentials.

Feel confident and forget guessing games.

Avoid wasting money on the wrong products

Be prepared, work faster and get organized. A 4 page checklist of pro essentials that working artists need to succeed  

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25 Tips to Help Jump Start Your Makeup Biz

Big goals for your career but, not sure where to begin?

From what to have in your kit, to portfolio collaborations, and working on set, these tips are essential to making the jump to freelance work.

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“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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- rachel, photographer


win the day

Hustle hard without compromising your health or sanity.

No regular schedule, last minute bookings, early call times…. The everyday hustle is hard! It can be tiring, frustrating and often filled with sacrifices.

Finding the time to maintain a consistent routine or even a little self care can be a challenge. I’m sharing my favorite simple methods that work for everyone (not just makeup artists) to stay centered and thrive as you build or up level your business..

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It's your time to shine

portfolio guide

Even with a loyal social following your portfolio is the key to attracting higher paying clients

Building your portfolio can be daunting at times. From finding the right collaborators, to making sure you get the usable images.

This guide gives you an achievable plan to build a working portfolio that will attract your dream clients.

Why you need a portfolio even with a great social following
What to include to attract clients
30 day action plan to get you started
Online + print resources and tips for test shoots
Printables to keep you on track


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Attract your dream clients

It's true:

“we can transform your career in weeks or months - not years”

- diane aiello

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