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I want to serve, empower & inspire artists to step up and get to the next level of their career… and life!

I remember having an abundance of passion for makeup but I didn’t know how to translate it into a viable business. I made costly mistakes while trying to find my way. I knew was good at makeup, but quickly realized that it takes so much more to have a real career.

I devoured books, magazines and took seminars but, I still made mistakes…I wasted money, and did endless test shoots that weren’t always good enough to get me paid jobs. I was frustrated, exhausted and almost quit several times but in my heart I knew, despite the ups and downs that I wanted more than a 9-5 job, I wanted to have my dream job!

I understand the issues you face and after twenty five years as a makeup artist I know what it takes to have a lasting career. As a coach and mentor I work on three areas a) mindset b) business and c) artistry to help you reach your professional, personal and artistic potential, and give you the advantage you need to be successful.

I can help you.
Learn About My Mentoring Programs

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