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The Blog Post Title Will Display Here All Pretty Like


The Blog Post Title Will Display Here All Pretty Like


The Blog Post Title Will Display Here All Pretty Like


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This skincare ticks off all the boxes.
Perfect for your pro kit, clean simple ingredients, effective for all skin types, reasonably priced

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skincare regime

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These are the go to, ride or die things I turn to over and over in beauty, fashion, business and personal.  Take a peek

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Need a lift? Find a little inspiration, motivation and faith here.

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The tactical and practical to help you improve your day to day entrepreneurial journey.

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hello friend.

I’m diane,

 I'm passionate about helping you create a fulfilling, successful makeup, hair, or fashion styling career that gives you financial freedom and sets you apart no matter your market or follower count

I’m a makeup artist, mentor, former fashion editor, author and personal growth junkie.  

For the last 25+ years I've never stopped working as a pro artist and stylist which makes me different from other coaches/educators who teach only.  That means I understand the daily challenges you face.  My personal and professional growth strategies have helped countless beauty and fashion pros transform their hobbies, side hustles or struggling businesses into dream careers.  I know they will make a difference for you.

hype girl/ business bff for makeup artists and stylists


25 Tips To Jump Start Your Makeup Biz

25 Tips to jump start your makekup biz

From what to have in your kit, to portfolio collaborations, and working on set, these tips are essential to creating a thriving freelance business

ready to level up?

the time is now!

What if your day job was your dream job?
What if there was a way to reach your goals faster and have the kind of career you've always imagined
Three ways I can help you - Book a one to one coaching session, purchase my must have course or join The Industrie' my monthly "academy" to help your business thrive!

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