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Beauty Tip – Creating a Weekly Beauty Routine

Even though I have been in the beauty business for decades I fully admit that I am not great about keeping a steady beauty routine (other than morning and night cleansing) It’s not that I don’t want to run to the spa for a mani and pedi or that much needed weekly or monthly facial, but the truth is that my schedule is insane. Between my freelance makeup business, my Glam Lounge Artist on-site makeup team and being a fashion and beauty editor there is nothing “regular” about my life. And frankly I love that!

One of my nearest and dearest Ms Stephanie is just the opposite. She seriously puts this beauty girl to shame. For as long as I can remember she has had a weekly beauty routine… without fail, from top to bottom…you better not mess with her “beauty time”. And even though I made fun of her ritual for years I now see how genius it really is. Not only does she get a little bit of “me” time each week but she saves a ton of time by batching it all into a few pampering hours…. And bonus – her nails, her skin, her hair etc never look ragged like mine.

Now I know for some this may be easier said than done, but hear me out… if you can’t pull this off all at once, split up your pampering time into two nights or mornings whichever works best for your schedule.

Here are a few things on my weekly list:

Mani/Pedi – If I can’t get to the spa (and I rarely can) nothing feels as relaxing at the end of the week as soaking your tootsies in a warm spa bath. I love to put on a great cd or flip on a movie and soak in a warm footbath filled with essential oils and foot salts for 15- 20 minutes. Pat skin dry then follow with a regular pedi routine, foot file, moisturizer, push back cuticles and follow with base coat, polish and top coat.

Skin Care -Just before immersing into the foot bath I love to cleanse and exfoliate my face, then apply a mask (be sure it can stay on for 15- 20 minutes) then step into the footbath. I use the waiting time to either a) tweeze stray brows or b) file and prep my mani. Resist the temptation to tweeze brows every day, since your brows grow in cycles often tweezing every day leads to needing to tweeze every day.
Tools -Once the mask is removed I apply my remaining skin care and move on to cleaning my personal makeup brushes and organizing my everyday makeup. This way I know that I am not putting icky dirt and accumulated bacteria on my freshly cleansed skin.

Hair – If you need to add any hair removal ie: waxing or depilatory it’s best not to do these on the same day that you are doing an at-home facial, wait at least 48 hours between treatments. On the hair removal days, I take the opportunity to deep condition my hair and wrap it in a towel just to keep it out of the way while I finish defuzzing…. better safe than sorry right?

I would love to hear about your pampering and time saving routines – I welcome your comments here or on my facebook page!

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